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Before we start printing our cards. the first Thing that we MUST do is......Always look at the Title Bar.That will tell you Where you are.RELOAD IF THERE IS NOTHING SHOWING ON THE TITLE BAR IT SHOULD SAY "Hadoes Print Shop".ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON THAT BAR.IT IS A GOOD INDICATION THAT YOU NEED TO RELOAD WHEN THERE IS NOTHING ON IT.RELOAD the page by holding the "Cmd" key down,and at the same time hit your letter "R"key 5 or 6 times.This will insure that you get all the latest updates,and make sure that everything is up to par.

To begin with.... These are not rules.They are just suggestions.After all we all want to create the very best cards that we can.Some of these are ideas that users have sent to me.Some are from my own observations.The very first thing to make a better looking card is.......If you notice that after you have printed your card,and folded it. The image is just a slight bit off of no matter how hard that you try the edges just never quite line up right.To correct both of the problems at the same time Simply Trim the right hand edge. I have a paper cutter that i bought at the ebay auction site for $20.00. Before buying that i used either a pair of scissors or a razor blade knife (Utility Knife) with a ruler as a straight edge to guide me. I usually trim the bottom edge also.

Another thing to remember is.... Don't try to Squeeze too much Text in the Body of the card. After all they are just Greeting Cards.

Lets discuss paper.I can only talk about what i have used. If i need to make a special card i use 110Lb.Stock it seems to take the ink very well,and looks nice when printed,and trimmed.It is a little hard to fold,but will be well worth the extra effort.The HP-600 series printers seem to take this thick stock very well.I can not give an evaluation on the Canon printers because i have never used one for this. Another very nice paper is the HP Bright White Inkjet paper.24lb.with a brightness of 99. I have tried cheaper paper,but the cheaper the paper the worse it seems to print.The HP-Bright White cost is about $10.00 per 500 sheets.2 cents a sheet to me is cheap enough. A Word of Caution The very cheap paper seems to be Dusty, and will eventually play heck with your printer nozzles,and everything else that is on the inside of the printer.The ink seems to soak into the cheaper paper. So you don't get the nice crisp edges that we are looking for. Some people have told me that they use colored paper to make a special card.Some use their pinking shears to trim the edges.One lady told me that she punches holes in the card,and then strings ribbon through the holes,and makes bows with the ribbon.Another Lady told me about cutting a small piece of white tissue paper making it in to a doily then pasting that over the main picture.

Please! if you have anything to add to this page. take the time to email me(Click Here) and i will add it.That way we can all improve on our card making by sharing our ideas,and helping each other.

AL (Hadoe)

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read some tips from some very Creative Users.


   Hi Al,when I print out a card,I get out my little bottles of crafting paint and glitter. Add the extra touch where ever I want..Let dry over night..One last thing, I keep little sample bottles of perfume on hand,add a drop to your card,not only looks good,but smells good also. With Christmas coming get pine oil and add a drop to your cards,the effect is great......Enjoy your site very much..........Kathy


Two things to maybe add to it when the card is printed---> use scissors you can get from Wal-Mart and cut the three edges of the paper and also trim the four corners at an angle. This makes them so different, there are 20 dfferent styles of scissors to choose from,for example, pinking, scalloped and ones that look like torn paper when done. One of my friends, Sondra, sent me a card done this way and I loved it and have sent several out to others this way and everyone wants to know Where did I get the scissors, They only cost $4.00 a pair too. Also by making a gif that says made by for an example this one I made: .gif It can go on the back of your cards, just make the second image FIRST and putting the paper back into the printer the normal way and make the rest of your card as you normally would then you have your special logo on the back, I have made several of these, I have made some for Christmas too. Pam


I recently purchased a kit from Wal-Mart called Personal Creations, half fold cards. It is for bubble jet printers. It contains heavy-weight stock that is two-sided (coated) for high resolution and great color. It comes with envelopes, an instruction pamphlet that has printing tips and even folding instructions. It is recommended for HP(which I have)Canon and Epson. I paid $7.95 for it and being a complete novice I am very glad I did. My cards look very professional. I am on an outreach group for our church and send a lot of cards so this has cut the cost for me a lot. Thanks for this great site so we may do this!!!     God Bless, Andrea


I have been making pressed flower pictures for years. They look great on your cards. A little johnny-jump-up or buttercup in the courner really adds to the already GREAT cards you have. Thanks.........Carol


Hey Al... After I make my cards at your site...I add a few sprinkles inside the cards...this can be for B-Days or any occasion. You can purchase these at any Walmart or craft store...young and older love them....they come in balloons...hearts...stars...smiley faces...but remember...not recommended for small children...unless the parent sees them first...they may tend to eat them children do.:-) Hugs Sondra

8/18/00 Printing cards
I have read your tips for printing cards and I would like to add a suggestion. (If you're not already aware of it.) I purchased a box of Southworth White Linen Paper (25% Cotton Fiber-24 lb.). The finished cards look like they have a better quality and I'm very pleased with the results. This paper is compatible with laser and ink jet printers. I paid $6.99 for 80 sheets at Office Max. (I'm sure there are other brands out there that are less expensive.) This paper has a nice feel to it. I plan on making my own Christmas cards this year and I'm sure that with this paper,they will turn out very professional looking. Give it a try. Sincerely, Elizabeth Gunsallus (Betsy)

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